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We, Kirti Motion Pictures take immense pride in introducing ourselves as one of the most prominent acting institute in Delhi NCR where acting aspirants are nurtured to become a professional actor & director with distinct attributes. Our aim is to provide fresh & unique talent to the film industry so that it can be innovated and taken to the new level. We welcome students who have the flare of acting and want to give a new dimension to their career and overall life. A team of highly qualified trainers with many years of experience in acting & film production is working day and night with the students to work on their weaker portions and boost their stronger ones. Here, your passion is given the wings of skill and confidence that help you to reach the pinnacle of success in film industry. Right from acting to expression, exposure, diction and personality, here you are taught everything in a precise and interesting manner. We provide result oriented course for acting, film production, story writing and screenplay with up-to-date study material and practical training, as per the latest cinematic trends. The major advantage of pursuing an acting or film production course at our institute is to get the attention of today film makers & actors who are looking to hunt fresh talent for content oriented films. In addition, we conduct interactive classes to enhance your real-time knowledge and also keep abreast of the latest transformations taking place in the industry. In the interactive session, we invite renowned actors, film makers and story writers to share their perception and opinion precisely. Our philosophy is every failure makes your more mature. So, enroll in our career oriented acting courses that have smartly developed focusing on the practical aspect of acting and real world challenges. We ensure that under our valuable guidance you get the vision to pick the suitable career path for yourselves.

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Acting Course

Learn Acting and get trained into a skilled actor through pursuing acting course at KMP Acting Studio.

Direction Course

Get to learn understand the skill of Direction deeply from experts of film industries at KMP Acting Studio.

Script Writing Course

KMP Acting Studio best environment for pursuing the course of film-writing for films and TV projects.

Film Making & Production

Kirti Motion Pictures is a well known production house which frequently delivers projects of film-making.

Song Album Making

Kirti Motion Pictures believes in providing fine chances to young aspirants of music industry by producing song albums.

TV Projects & Ad Making

The Kirti Motion Pictures and the talent students of KMP Acting Studio actively participate in TV & Ad Making Projects.

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Natyashastra: A fundamental thread of renowned Acting Institute

“For an actor who is not yet perfect, the techniques described in the Natyashastra, are a means to achieve perfection-enlightenment-moksha and run parallel to reaching this state through meditation practises.” Daniel Meyer Dinkgräfe (Professor of Drama at Lincoln University) Natyashastra is the Sanskrit text written on the subject of Performing Arts. It is the responsible

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9 elements of script writing

Landing on this blog shows your curiosity or aspiration of the scriptwriter. However, as writing is creative in nature. Standard book or guide cannot be followed. Or recommended for achieving such an art. You explore and develop script writing. However, obviously, a structure exists in all scripts with variations. These variations are the creative elements.

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Humor Intention, Acting methodology of Comedy King in Bollywood

Standup comedian to Bollywood acting career come back with Jamie Lever in Delhi The diehard fan of comedy circus may know who Jamie Liver is. Daughter of the legendary comedian actor is a very versatile and humorous actor. Recently on March 4, 2016 at Siri Fort in Capital City Delhi NCR.Their live performance blasted the

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Film Auditions in Noida

Looking for Fine Expression skills in our upcoming Films!!! Great opportunity for aspiring or established actors!!!! If someone is looking to spark his/her acting career or someone who has already done and seeking other film; then Kirti Motion Pictures provides you the great platform to showcase your skillset. Aarun Nagar (Director) has always several scripts

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Acting is not a boon

Hello Friends!!! Film career was an obvious choice for me. But Family and Society stigma related to uncertainty and acceptance, for ACTING CAREER was the main hurdle for me. Though passionately with hope I took a step against all and now I am enjoying its rewards. Though you need an opportunity to get start, consistency

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Acting classes in Noida

Start Your Acting Career Stardom is not something you wish and get. It requires expressive and engaging acting skills and more importantly the opportunity to show your skillset. For this you need to first polish your skills with success oriented film institutes. Very few of the Best Acting Classes in Noida, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, and Kolkata

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Film Direction in Noida , Delhi NCR

Very few directors of Bollywood gives critical movies with commercial success like Aamir khan, Dibaakar Banerjee, Anurag Kashyap, Prakash Jha, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and few more. Their storytelling engages the audience till last shot of the film, be it any issue like social, contemporary issues, gender, child issue, drugs or political plot etc. Reader

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Script Writing is the base of the Film

Script is the main ingredient of a great movie. Movie is just a writer’s narrative story presented in different form to audience. Writer’s script is what a successful and popular director constantly seeks. As there are various forms of writing, Script Writing has its own flavor of content with spices of comedy, drama, romance, action,

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