9 elements of script writing

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9 elements of script writing

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Landing on this blog shows your curiosity or aspiration of the scriptwriter. However, as writing is creative in nature. Standard book or guide cannot be followed. Or recommended for achieving such an art. You explore and develop script writing. However, obviously, a structure exists in all scripts with variations. These variations are the creative elements. Below 9 elements exist in every script. Do not take this elementary form as the complete one. And, also not as the very basic one. These are prerequisites. script writing kmp

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  1. Central Dramatic action in the story

What is the central theme of the story? What is the exploration of your idea? What is to be communicated? All these should be clear and definite in your story imagination. A great film-script has fresh perspectives to contemporary issues, subjects. Also to well-established thought, philosophy, idea. Even culture.

  1. Format and Flow of the story

Form and flow in the film script are the blueprints of the motion picture. When to tell. How to tell. Which character tell. All these is the form and flow. If you master this, your script attains engagement and applause. Format and Form are the keys. In simple words, it is the story-telling skill.

  1. Strong as well as well-defined supporting characters in the story

When an audience watches a movie. All look for a great heroic yet softhearted protagonist. However, one thing, which sets apart great script, is supporting characters. Their relationship and action create magic.

  1. Impressive and engaging start of the film story

It is as simple as that “First impression is the last impression.” The start of the script defines how the end is going to be. It engages. Hooks up the audience.

  1. Middle should be “MUDDLE”

Most difficult and challenging part of the scriptwriter is to create “Muddled Situation.” Manipulation of the events in the story, characters, consequences, and actions is needed. Formulate the “muddle”. By creating difficult situations for the character in a progressive manner.

  1. Nonpredictable Ending

If a film/script fails to showcase an ending which is unexpected. Then film flops. This is the most crucial and critical part of the script story.

  1. Expressive and complete scenes

Perfect Timing and Placement of the scenes takes the story forward. In an engaging manner. It is a part of the Format and Flow of the story.

  1. Expressive, significant and impactful dialogues

Dialogues create the personality of the character. Dialogues refine the characters. It establishes character. Simply dialogues express the idea or background, which are not said.

  1. Rewriting

One may feel after writing plots, scenes, dialogues, or the full story. That something great has been created. This is the most dangerous pitfall of the script writing. Remember that rewriting time dedication should be double that of story/idea formation.

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