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About Us

Realistic portrayal of genuine character and stories needs potential actors & directors who understand acting and can think practical. At Kirti Motion Pictures, we aim to make our aspirants aware of the practicality of acting so that can justify the role or the movie they are offered. It is universally known that acting is something you get from god as the most precious gift. Developing acting in someone is quite difficult, what we try to do it to nurture his/her skills and guide to hold good command on various aspects of acting. At our acting institute, we provide world class cinematic facilities that help students to learn acting, direction, story writing and screenplay in a precise manner. We train students to pick the subject and purpose or the story quickly, and get into the skin of the character to deliver the role with enormous potential and responsibility.

We have developed a suitable and result-oriented teaching structure and an outstanding study environment that encourage students to innovate new things and also hone their skills. Along with practical classes, we conduct theoretical sessions that help students to become a mature actor, director, screen player and story writer. We create the learning content after precise research of the trends prevailing in current cinema industry. Technology plays an integral part in our teaching; it helps us to train the students in a more emphatic manner.

We have employed the most proficient, talented and knowledgeable trainers of the industry who help you all the way pursuing your dream, achieving your goal and reaching the pinnacle of success. They teach you the various aspects and technique of acting to become a performer. Discussing latest techniques and various new styles of acting, the trainers help you to maintain your acting flare and also keep you abreast of latest transformations taking place in the industry.

At our acting institute, we encourage students to learn from day-to-day activities, classes and rehearsals. In addition, we conduct interactive classes with the well-established actors, legendry directors and story writers to enhance the real time knowledge of the aspirants. The opinion of these professionals helps students to bring a required transformation on quick basis. Located in the heart of NCR (New Delhi), it’s the most sought after study destination of the aspirants who have chosen acting as their career objective. Ultramodern infra, highly qualified staffs, huge theatre hall and amenity enriched classes place this acting school among the top five in Delhi NCR. We have a reasonable free structure that suit the budget of even medium class families. Simply, it is place where your ability is shaped and nurtured for bigger stage. So, enroll in our courses developed especially for you keeping the latest scope and industry status in minds.

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