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Natyashastra: A fundamental thread of renowned Acting Institute

Category : Acting

“For an actor who is not yet perfect, the techniques described in the Natyashastra, are a means to achieve perfection-enlightenment-moksha and run parallel to reaching this state through meditation practises.” Daniel Meyer Dinkgräfe (Professor of Drama at Lincoln University)

Natyashastra is the Sanskrit text written on the subject of Performing Arts. It is the responsible work of Sage Bharat. Consisting of 36 chapters covering complete aspects from the structure of play, genres of Acting, body movement, the role of Director, musical scales & its importance in Drama and much more related to theatre. Natyashastra is still valid in the modern time and renowned acting institute follows the philosophy, consciously and unconsciously.

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9 elements of script writing

Category : Script Writing

Landing on this blog shows your curiosity or aspiration of the scriptwriter. However, as writing is creative in nature. Standard book or guide cannot be followed. Or recommended for achieving such an art. You explore and develop script writing. However, obviously, a structure exists in all scripts with variations. These variations are the creative elements. Below 9 elements exist in every script. Do not take this elementary form as the complete one. And, also not as the very basic one. These are prerequisites. script writing kmp

Kirti Motion Pictures (KMP) runs acting classes in Noida. As well as Film writing classes and Direction classes. We have produced many films on contemporary issues.

  1. Central Dramatic action in the story

What is the central theme of the story? What is the exploration of your idea? What is to be communicated? All these should be clear and definite in your story imagination. A great film-script has fresh perspectives to contemporary issues, subjects. Also to well-established thought, philosophy, idea. Even culture.

  1. Format and Flow of the story

Form and flow in the film script are the blueprints of the motion picture. When to tell. How to tell. Which character tell. All these is the form and flow. If you master this, your script attains engagement and applause. Format and Form are the keys. In simple words, it is the story-telling skill.

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Humor Intention, Acting methodology of Comedy King in Bollywood

Category : Acting

Standup comedian to Bollywood acting career come back with Jamie Lever in Delhi

The diehard fan of comedy circus may know who Jamie Liver is. Daughter of the legendary comedian actor is a very versatile and humorous actor. Recently on March 4, 2016 at Siri Fort in Capital City Delhi NCR.Their live performance blasted the audience. Theme was on latest prevalent issues. KMP (Kirti Motion Pictures) with students of our acting classes in Noida attended the event and we are confident that Johny had done his homework!!!!Johny Lever delhi

Kind of comedy acting, which Johny always believes is clean and family comedy. And if it comes to mimicking then it should not hurt anyone’s sentiment. Especially of diehard fans. This is what all other established and budding standup comedians should learn. That is why he is the “GEM.” He once stated. That keen and deep observation

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Film Auditions in Noida

Category : Auditions

Looking for Fine Expression skills in our upcoming Films!!!

Great opportunity for aspiring or established actors!!!!

If someone is looking to spark his/her acting career or someone who has already done and seeking other film; then Kirti Motion Pictures provides you the great platform to showcase your skillset. Aarun Nagar (Director) has always several scripts in his hand. He is constantly looking for the best talent for his upcoming Film Projects lined up in a queue. Some of his films appreciated by audience are Children of War, Gurjar Aandolan-A Fight for Right, Bhouri, and many more. Currently Aarun Nagar is directing ISHAKNAMA.

KMP on regular bases organizes ACTING AUDITIONS in Noida and is looking for fresh faces who can engage the mass audience by “your emotional facility and imagination to reflect the character”. Currently he is seeking Actors/Actresses for films “LOVE @” and “Youngsters”. But Don’t miss the chance as “acting break” always exists with his other upcoming and ongoing films.

Looking forward for great enthusiasm and skills!!! Contact for any queries and be connected with our Blog for such news update and informative articles.

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Acting is not a boon

Category : Acting

Hello Friends!!!

Film career was an obvious choice for me. But Family and Society stigma related to uncertainty and acceptance, for ACTING CAREER was the main hurdle for me. Though passionately with hope I took a step against all and now I am enjoying its rewards.

Though you need an opportunity to get start, consistency in offer in film & television industry is only because of your talent and expressive skills. Having acted in popular television serials, Direction and starting Film Studio which now owns best acting classes in Delhi/NCR based in Noida, made my dreams fulfilled by learning that Fine Acting skills are the most important quality which converts acting career dreams into reality. What I learnt from having desire to be an actor to establishing myself as an actor is what I see in many popular and fine actors that is “An Actor/Actresses is not born by birth but are born within self”.

Vocal projections, emotional facility having a well-developed imagination for the sake of interpreting drama are the main characteristics of well-established actor/actresses. Clarity of speech along with physical expressivity adds appeal in your acting.

Many aspirers build few of the above skills at college or hands-on certificate courses. But as cinematic and theatrical world is always changing; improvisation, observation and emulation is the most important thing to learn and adapt.

Above all, how an actor starts his kick-off project is the main question and challenge for starters. Well having my own production house I constantly seek fresh acting skills. Apart from these students passed out from KMP has been featured in various Ads which is an appreciable start and for media industry to notice your work.

WELL WISHES FOR YOUR DREAMS. Make it a reality at KMP: The Best Acting classes in Delhi/NCR.

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Acting classes in Noida

Category : Acting

Start Your Acting Career

Stardom is not something you wish and get. It requires expressive and engaging acting skills and more importantly the opportunity to show your skillset. For this you need to first polish your skills with success oriented film institutes. Very few of the Best Acting Classes in Noida, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, and Kolkata etc. exists with prominence for your passion. Though you may polish your skills but how to grab opportunity is the next big question? This is what, is the best part of great institutes to start your acting career with, as these institutes are run by experienced and reputed film industry people.

Kind of this is offered by KMP (Kirti Motion Pictures) run by Aarun Nagar. He has marked the stroke in film and television industry by his presence in 25 popular TV serials like Kavyanjli, Mayka, Seven, Kismat, Khote Sikke, Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein, Vaseeyat, Geet, Shobha Somnath Ki, Kaali -Ek Agni Pariksha and many more. Having worked with established Film Production Industry viz. BalaJi Films and Yashraj Films he completes his journey of Film Career.

To rescue the budding actors and provide opportunity he has started an Acting Classes in Noida. Here interested actors or people having hands-on acting experience during school days or colleges or just aspire to be actor, hone their skills under the guidance of Actor & Director Aarun Nagar. Through his large social connections with Om Puri, Ashutosh Rana, Aditya Pancholi, Jimmy Shergil, Archana Pooran Singh, Mukesh Tiwary, Mohan Joshi, Parikshit Sahni, Manoj Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Rajit Kapoor, Pawan Malhotra, Victor Banarjee, Surendra Pal, Mushtaq Khan, Sitaram Panchal and many more which he made during his cinema and television career, so now do you realize who to contact first!!?? His current Direction Career also needs some fresh and upcoming talent, which he casts from his own institute.

All these experiences, connections and more importantly the great expressive acting skills within successful and jolly Aarun Nagar sets the platform for serious yet unexplored passionate actors, which should always be the first choice in your city.

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Film Direction in Noida , Delhi NCR

Category : Direction

Very few directors of Bollywood gives critical movies with commercial success like Aamir khan, Dibaakar Banerjee, Anurag Kashyap, Prakash Jha, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and few more. Their storytelling engages the audience till last shot of the film, be it any issue like social, contemporary issues, gender, child issue, drugs or political plot etc.

Reader or precisely to say budding directors may be aware or have insight of above but your landing on this article shows your interest to make your career in Film Direction. Very rare Film Direction Classes and courses exist in India. National capital of India is fortuned to have this, known as KMP (Kirti Motion Pictures). One of the Best Film Direction Courses in Delhi/NCR is run by renowned Actor-Director Aarun Nagar. His career suite is made up of 25 popular TV serials like Kavyanjli, Mayka, Seven, Kismat, Khote Sikke, Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein, Vaseeyat, Geet, Shobha Somnath Ki, Kaali-Ek Agni Pariksha and many more. Having worked with established Film Production Industry viz. BalaJi Films and Yashraj Films he has vast experience in cinema career.

Not only this, Aarun Nagar is constantly engaged in his Film Projects. Some of which are lined up to give you practical exposure along with the pinch of theories, which are:

Budding Directors will instantly sense the wide range of subjects he is working on. So what are you waiting for, join the best film direction classes in Noida.

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Script Writing is the base of the Film

Category : Script Writing

Script is the main ingredient of a great movie. Movie is just a writer’s narrative story presented in different form to audience. Writer’s script is what a successful and popular director constantly seeks. As there are various forms of writing, Script Writing has its own flavor of content with spices of comedy, drama, romance, action, twists and END which is developed through initial research. Commercial Cinema demands its own uniqueness in the form of audience taste and acceptance. Overall perception of the individual’s emotion, society and culture is the utmost understanding ability of the popular writer. Imagination of whole story in dialogues with respect to entertainment makes perfect script writer in film industry.

But how to begin is the question. Nothing’s so tough in that. Just join film institute!!! Visit KMP (Kirti Motion Pictures) one of the best script writing course in Delhi/NCR for your career. Here you grasp storytelling techniques that engages audience with entertainment along with substance in the film.

KMP’s CEO preferably Actor-Director Aarun Nagar having worked in 25 popular TV serials like Kavyanjli, Mayka, Seven, Kismat, Khote Sikke, Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein, Vaseeyat, Geet, Shobha Somnath Ki, Kaali-Ek Agni Pariksha and in Film Production Industry viz. BalaJi Films and Yashraj Films, has created a great platform for learning script writing. KMP is now nicknamed as Best Script Writing Classes in Noida.

Interactive session is regularly conducted with renowned story writers. This exposes and give you chance to gain benefits from such successful and popular writers. Also, Aarun Nagar current and upcoming projects where he is director and actor plus his social connections with film industry is great opportunity to opt KMP for your accelerating career in Indian cinema or commonly known as Bollywood.

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