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Film Direction in Noida , Delhi NCR

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Very few directors of Bollywood gives critical movies with commercial success like Aamir khan, Dibaakar Banerjee, Anurag Kashyap, Prakash Jha, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and few more. Their storytelling engages the audience till last shot of the film, be it any issue like social, contemporary issues, gender, child issue, drugs or political plot etc.

Reader or precisely to say budding directors may be aware or have insight of above but your landing on this article shows your interest to make your career in Film Direction. Very rare Film Direction Classes and courses exist in India. National capital of India is fortuned to have this, known as KMP (Kirti Motion Pictures). One of the Best Film Direction Courses in Delhi/NCR is run by renowned Actor-Director Aarun Nagar. His career suite is made up of 25 popular TV serials like Kavyanjli, Mayka, Seven, Kismat, Khote Sikke, Dhoondh Legi Manzil Humein, Vaseeyat, Geet, Shobha Somnath Ki, Kaali-Ek Agni Pariksha and many more. Having worked with established Film Production Industry viz. BalaJi Films and Yashraj Films he has vast experience in cinema career.

Not only this, Aarun Nagar is constantly engaged in his Film Projects. Some of which are lined up to give you practical exposure along with the pinch of theories, which are:

Budding Directors will instantly sense the wide range of subjects he is working on. So what are you waiting for, join the best film direction classes in Noida.