Humor Intention, Acting methodology of Comedy King in Bollywood

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Humor Intention, Acting methodology of Comedy King in Bollywood

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Standup comedian to Bollywood acting career come back with Jamie Lever in Delhi

The diehard fan of comedy circus may know who Jamie Liver is. Daughter of the legendary comedian actor is a very versatile and humorous actor. Recently on March 4, 2016 at Siri Fort in Capital City Delhi NCR.Their live performance blasted the audience. Theme was on latest prevalent issues. KMP (Kirti Motion Pictures) with students of our acting classes in Noida attended the event and we are confident that Johny had done his homework!!!!Johny Lever delhi

Kind of comedy acting, which Johny always believes is clean and family comedy. And if it comes to mimicking then it should not hurt anyone’s sentiment. Especially of diehard fans. This is what all other established and budding standup comedians should learn. That is why he is the “GEM.” He once stated. That keen and deep observation of the people, their expressions, style, and culture. This method moulds him into the character he plays on-screen.

Both father and daughter agree that vulgar comedy has replaced the decent and satirical comedy genre. Jamie’s points out her view on this.

People always say that history repeats it self, so I think that the trend of healthy comedy will be back soon. Personally, in our family, we don’t enjoy adult comedy. I am from this young generation, but still I am not comfortable with it. Somehow, my culture doesn’t allows me to do this. But this doesn’t mean that the people who are doing adult comedy are doing something wrong because there is also audience for it. There is an audience for films like Kya Kool Hai Hum and Masti too. So, we have to understand that there are people who accept both sides of the genre. In our family, we have taken a stand to do clean and family comedy and we are doing it.”

She added, “To create humour on any political issue or on any particular subject is quite difficult because we don’t want to hurt sentiments of people. We cover each and every topic through our comedy, but it is important for us not to cross limits”


In a nutshell, both Johny and Jamie believes in comedy having funny acts. And should always convey a message.

KMP (Kirti Motion Pictures) believes that to have a standout in best acting in a comedy genre, one need to understand above words.

To get into a character of vulgarity might be easy. But to get into an acting demanding satire and decent comedy. One needs a very fundamental understanding of acting skills. Many of the acting classes in Delhi lack this guidance. At our studio, or to say acting classes in Delhi NCR, we deliver students such a fine skill.

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