Natyashastra: A fundamental thread of renowned Acting Institute

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Natyashastra: A fundamental thread of renowned Acting Institute

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“For an actor who is not yet perfect, the techniques described in the Natyashastra, are a means to achieve perfection-enlightenment-moksha and run parallel to reaching this state through meditation practises.” Daniel Meyer Dinkgräfe (Professor of Drama at Lincoln University)

Natyashastra is the Sanskrit text written on the subject of Performing Arts. It is the responsible work of Sage Bharat. Consisting of 36 chapters covering complete aspects from the structure of play, genres of Acting, body movement, the role of Director, musical scales & its importance in Drama and much more related to theatre. Natyashastra is still valid in the modern time and renowned acting institute follows the philosophy, consciously and unconsciously.

KMP Acting Institute regards the book as contemporary one and not the traditional because of the sense and essence of the text. Theories and principle described are without any doubt valid for the modern acting institute. In this article, we will explore that what should be the goal of acting training for both male and female actors which are at the apex of performing arts, as advocated in Natyashastra.

Natyashastra describes that how an actor should be trained, through its verses. This forms the basic foundation of the renowned acting institute of modern times. The best actor training as per Natyashastra should be designed to uplift actors and actresses to their highest consciousness level and which initiates self-development. The principle behind the above is to empower actors or actresses for expressing ideas- ideas rooted with hidden emotional meaning and consciousness.

Natyashastra states that training imparted at Acting Institute should teach the three Gunas: Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These are the qualities of personality & virtue or a thread whose interplay defines the character of humans. Sattva is the goodness, constructive and harmonious mind. Rajas is the passion, activeness, confusion mind. Tamas is the darkness, destructive, chaotic state of mind. An actor, who understands these Gunas and performs observation for bringing out the characters of the drama, is the finest one.

Acting Institute which fails to bring out above can’t produce fine actors. Actor’s role is to bring out the emotions & consciousness of the character he plays. That’s why actors and actresses are at the highest level of performing arts.

Chapters 8-12 are dedicated to acting, training of acting, and goal of acting institute. From gestures to body movements, Natyashastra lightens the performance and significance of acting.

KMP acting institute, which is on the path of being a celebrated acting institute under the guidance of Aarun Nagar, is the perfect match for your acting aspirations. Follow our blog for auditions updates and admissions. KMP Acting institute will come up with the treasure of knowledge, described in texts of famous and critical personalities. Natyashastra is the beginning of the series.

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